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The Story of Dark Sarah


My name is Heidi Parviainen. I am a Finnish classical singer singing in a lyrical soprano range.

Short Musical history: I´ve been studying professional classical singing at the Helsinki conservatory. Next to classical this is what I do! I was the vocalist of a Finnish metal band Amberian Dawn for years 2007-2012. We released four studio albums and did three European tours and several And several European festivals before we parted ways in 2012 and I announced my new solo project called Dark Sarah.

About DARK SARAH: At the moment Dark Sarah is recording her first studio album. The album called "Behind the black veil" is a concept album and tells a story of a young woman called Sarah. After a personal trauma for being left at the altar she almost breaks down but instead something wakes up inside of her and she changes to her evil side persona Dark Sarah. Musically Dark Sarah is combining film music, music theater, metal music and has black humor in the lyrics.

The album is built from 3 episodes. Each episode holds in 3-4 songs. The album has been raising funds trough Indie GoGo to get the game started. Dark Sarah has now funded 2/3 of the album through Indie goGo and EPISODE I has been published digitally for the Indie GoGo contributors. Episode I and II got full funding on Indie GoGo and the last part of the album, EPISODE III, will be also seeking funding through Indie GoGo. After the whole album has been funded Dark Sarah will publish a physical album including 3 extra songs (The album publishing is scheduled for Christmas 2014)

Darks Sarah - Band

Band promos - 2014

Erkka Korhonen - Guitar

Erkka is know for playing many years with Ari Koivunen ( Finnish idol winner 2007) . He has also been playing/producing Hysteria, Raskasta Joulua and Northern Kings!

Sami-Petri Salonen - Guitar

"I started playing guitar in 1991. Over the years I have played in several bands like Finnish Melodic Hard Rock band - Edward, and toured with 2004 Finish Idols 2. finalist."
- Sami -

Lauri Kuussalo - Drums

"I started to mess around with drumming, and rhythms in general, at an early age in our old warehouse. After my first drum kit I found my way to various studio/live environments - outside the warehouse, such as; prog (Carved in Ashes), metal, rock, fusion, tribute gigs, teaching etc... And some cinemometal with DS!"
- Lauri -

Rude Rothstén - Bass

"My first hard rock band was in 1987. Our initial, first influences came from Led Zeppelin and Guns 'n Roses. I played guitar in those early days, but I fell in love with the bass at the beginning of the '90s. Since then I have played many different genres in several bands, such as an old school thrash group called Hammerhed (debut album and two Asian tours). I like many kinds of music, so every band is a different kind of challenge for me.
- Rude -


Upcoming Shows

10-17-2014 MFVF XII, Oktoberhallen, Belgium Festival

Past Shows

10-4-2014 On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland I Saw Red, Amoral



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