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Dark Sarah
“The Chronicles” Trilogy
Story by Heidi Parviainen

Layout and text editing: Juulia Juutilainen
Pictorial editing: Sami-Petri Salonen
Photos: Toni Härkönen, Saara Kujansuu
Artwork: Jan Yrlund – Darkgrove
Proof reading: Mariska Coljé – N-Translations

Copyright: Dark Sarah – Riena Productions/
Heidi Parviainen 2018.
All Rights reserved

Publisher: Riena Productions 2018

Behind The Black Veil

Sarah was so happy, she had waited for the big day for a long time. She had always thought it would never happen because they had been together for so long. Although they might not be the perfect couple and they had their problems, they seemed to survive and stay together. Her wedding gown was ready on a hanger and the night before the wedding she was staying at the hotel. Tomorrow she would see her fiancé in church. She took a relaxing bath and wondered what her fiancé might be doing at that minute.

She took her phone and dialed his number. Someone answered the phone, but it wasn´t her fiancé, but someone else – a woman. Her heart stopped beating for a while and she asked the woman who she was, but she just laughed and closed the phone.

That night Sarah didn´t sleep at all. Who was this woman? This could not be happening, not again, and not a night before

her wedding. She felt she couldn´t breathe, the happiness had turned into fear, rage and questions.

The next morning came quickly and her family and friends came to the hotel and enthusiastically started to get her ready for the big day. She felt like a puppet that was being dressed up. She was put into a car and they drove her to the country side where the lovely little wooden church was. There, she was to be married today.

Sarah was numb, she just couldn’t stop thinking about that woman and her evil laughter. Who? Why? Why now?

The wedding was almost starting and she was standing in her wedding dress behind the doors, waiting for the music to start.

You look lovely, Sarah – everyone said. Then the doors opened and music started. With shaky legs she started to walk toward her fiancé who was standing in front of the altar. He had come!

Maybe this all is only a bad dream, she thought and the fear disappeared a little. She walked next to her fiancé, who looked at her. But there was something wrong, his eyes, he was sweating, maybe even shaking. The ceremony started and they both turned to the priest. Sarah´s heart was beating very fast. They turned to look at each other, she couldn’t hear a word the priest said.

Then she saw it. Her fiancé was looking over her shoulder, there was someone behind her, someone her fiancé was smiling at. Sarah saw lust in his eyes, he couldn´t stop looking at her. Then Sarah turned, saw a beautiful woman with raven black hair, in a silvery dress standing in the back of the church. Her fiancé just stared at her, not even once looking back at Sarah. The woman just waved her hand.

- What is this? Sarah asked. She got no answer. Her fiancé looked like he was under some kind of a spell or something.

He didn´t react to anything Sarah did or said. Then the woman waved her hand and Sarah´s fiancé left her at the altar and started to walk towards the woman.

The people in the church looked astounded. But everything turned into a real chaos when people saw Sarah´s fiancé kissing the woman and leaving the church with her. Sarah dropped down on her knees, she couldn´t breathe and gasped for air. Her ears just rang and she didn´t notice what was going on around her. The people were upset and many of them came to Sarah to comfort her. She didn´t react to anything, she felt dead inside.

She woke up at home, alone in the bed, feeling numb, exhausted or even sedated. She didn´t remember how she got home from the church. Everything was blur. She had had this weird dream where she was walking in a forest in her wedding dress and there, in the deepest and darkest forest, she had met her fiancé and then she murdered him.

She let her eyes travel around the room, she saw her wedding dress lying on the floor. It was all muddy.

Sarah got up and took the dress in her hands. Like in rage she ran downstairs to the garage and went through the closets. In fierce tears she took a canister of gasoline and ran into the garden. She put the dress into a barrel and poured the gasoline on her dress and put it on fire. There she watched it burn to ashes.

For a week she stayed in bed, feeling numb. She couldn´t sleep, eat or drink anything. Her fiancé had not got home, not even visited. It felt like he had just disappeared or he had never even been there, there was never any wedding.

Sarah felt like she was losing her mind, hallucinating and everything was just like a bad dream. Sarah couldn´t understand it, not a single piece of this puzzle. She just felt abandoned, weak and miserable – no wonder he had left her, she thought, who would want a mouse like her?

She just kept on thinking about the woman in church, who was she? Where did she come from? And how long had this been going on this time? He had had another women before but he had promised to stop cheating on her when he asked her to marry him. And she was stupid enough to believe it!

Sarah was so angry with herself but most of all she felt sorry for herself. She looked at the rain from the window and wept, for days. Only the moon was there to comfort her. She wanted the nights to last forever, she hated the violent and honest sun. The days were the worst and just kept on reminding her of her miserable life.

Then the phone rang. Sarah let it ring, it rang like through a dream, in some other place than where she was. The phone kept ringing and ringing. Sarah got up and stumbled towards the phone. She was too weak to walk and collapsed on the floor. She was unconscious. Hours and days went by. It looked like she was dead.

But then one night Sarah opened her eyes. The scattered mascara had formed a symbol of Horus around her eye. She felt really weird - different, like a completely other person. The fogginess in her head was gone and she saw everything really clearly.

She got up and searched a sheet of paper from her desk and sat down to write:

“I used to look at the world with blue eyes, I used to love with an open heart but I was naive, the world needed to show it to me. I got angry for my weakness and angry with the world. In the darkest swirls of my mind I got stronger and meaner and started to change. I worked with my fear and I became Dark Sarah. I´m not bitter. I´m just bitter sweet.”

And then she signed the letter “Dark Sarah”.

From that moment on she was determined to find her fiancé and she swore she would have her revenge. She walked through the forests, let the thoughts of him with another

woman poison her mind and she began to prepare herself for the encountering. She came up with the most horrific and most evil ways of ending his life and the more she thought about it, the stronger she began to feel. She felt differently happy.

- What is happening to me? she thought.

One evening she was wondering in the woods again. She knew the old oak three in the middle of the forest. She had visited that sacred place first with her mom when she was a child and then later with her fiancé. They had even carved their initials on its bark.

There was something in that place that felt comforting, familiar and respectful at the same time. But it wasn´t a place she would want to spend a night, it was a bit of a scary place too. There was no other trees around it. It was so tall and its branches were so thick that it casted a huge shadow underneath it. Even the grass was dead around it and its wormlike, crippled old roots squirmed around it. It really looked mystical in the middle of the forest.

She climbed to sit on its branch, hid herself in the branches where no one could see her and said goodbye to her life, the one that had been, the life that was now gone. Sarah was also gone, she couldn´t be found because she was no longer there. She had become another person, Dark Sarah, who no one could hurt because she was the complete opposite of her, without fear or any emotions. That kind of woman was what she wanted to be.

It was already night when she returned home. She sat in the shower for a long time, let the water run down her face. Steam began to fill up the shower , it made swirls when rising up.

Through the fog she saw two hands against the glass. She freaked out. Who was there in the bathroom? Then she saw the face of a woman, she was watching her.

- Who are you? she asked.

- I´m your fate, said the woman. I´ve come to tell you that

only after entering into total darkness you can be born again. Your memories will fade and eventually leave you, but you must embrace the darkness. Lift up the black veil of sorrow and you will become Dark Sarah.

Sarah pressed her hands against Fate’s hands through the glass and she felt a new strength running through her veins. She felt strong, invincible and fierce. She was ready!

The next morning Sarah felt dizzy again, she had had the weirdest dream in which she had walked into the woods and met a strange woman wearing a snakeskin-like dress. She had appeared in front of her like out of thin air. Sarah thought she had looked familiar with her raven black hair, but couldn´t figure out whom she reminded her of. The woman had introduced herself to Sarah as The Queen of Serpents and told Sarah to meet her the next night again if she wanted her to help her in her revenge. The dream had felt so weirdly true.

The next night Sarah sat frozen in her arm chair, she could not decide whether she should go and see the place where she had met the queen in her dreams. Would it be too crazy to check it out? In real life there are no queen of serpents, she thought she must be losing her mind.

Anyway, she got up and walked into the forest, in the middle of the night. She was eager to find out if the dream was true. She went deeper into the woods, the street lamps didn´t light her way anymore and the thicker the forest was, the darker it got. Sarah was so glad that she knew the path so well. She even felt good when the darkness embraced her.

And there the old oak was, in the darkness it looked like a giant monster. But then she noticed that there was a hole, the roots were lifted up and it looked like a tunnel. She walked into the tunnel and started following the red glow that came from somewhere far in the cave. She could smell the earth around her, it smelled like death, dying leaves, dying everything. There she

was inside the earth, surrounded by death and darkness. It felt good, she thought.

The Queen of Serpents was sitting in a black hall in a chair of roots. When she came closer, the roots started to squirm around her and took her into a tight grip. Sarah tried to fight back and tear the roots of her.

- Did I get it right, you are trying to fight against my might? I´m the queen of no good, you have already lost the fight at the moment you entered into my realm. You have promised me your soul, in return I give you the ability of being cold. Your heart is now like a stone, you shall not feel sorry any more. You are Dark Sarah, the queen said.

Next morning Sarah woke up feeling better than in ages.

- Oh what a lovely morning, Sarah thought. She went into her garden like she does every morning, the flowers seemed to give her a mysterious, even motherly joy. She didn’t feel her worries at all when she was in her garden.

She opened the door and the sight was devastating, all her roses and lilies and everything she held dear were completely chopped off. Only the most poisonous ones, or spiked ones or the ugliest ones were still standing.

-Who? Was the first question, who could do this to her. She could only name one! The rage got over her. She swore she would find out the way to revenge.

- I will hunt you down, I will steal your dreams, you will pay me back the life I spent on you. You will fear for me like I have feared for you. I will take away your confidence and self respect, like you took mine. I will push you down like you pushed me down. It is not about you any more, it is about me. You must fear for your life ‘cause I´m coming after it!

The fury blinded her eyes and everything went dark in her mind. She got back to her senses and looked around worried. - Where am I? Sarah screamed. She was covered in blood,

she was in a strange place, it looked like a warehouse. She felt sick, what had she done? There was blood, but no body.

- Have I killed someone, am I hurt, have I killed someone? Thoughts ran through her head. She ran through the building and searched for the exit.

- I must get out of here, I have gone mad. Dark Sarah, let me go, I am not this person! Sarah shouted and disappeared into the rain.

She ran into the woods to see the Queen of Serpents and ask her soul back. The rain turned into snow, her breath started to steam from the cold, all the plants froze before her as she ran towards the tree.

- Let my soul go! she shouted to the tree. Nothing happened, no doors opened.

She was there alone in the woods, she wanted to stay there so that Dark Sarah could not find her. She stared at the moon, the one and only trustworthy companion, she thought.

- Moon, I love you, she whispered.

Suddenly it came to her clearly. It was the tree! The tree that had been there through her life was evil! She took a dagger and stabbed the tree in the middle of the carved heart on its bark. Nothing happened. She stabbed again and again in a rage. The tree started to shiver, the bark turned into glass. Sarah hit again.

- You are the cradle of evil! You have been here for my life and it was you, you were there on my wedding day in disguise. I take off your halo, you are evil, not a saint! she shouted to the tree and stabbed the dagger right in the middle of the carved heart.

The tree broke down. Millions of pieces of glass floated in the air like in slow motion and rained down on the frozen ground. Sarah collapsed unconscious on the ground and the glass covered her.

The Puzzle

The Evil Tree had shattered into pieces, and along with it, so had Dark Sarah´s soul. She did not die, but was left in a loop between two worlds; hovering between life and death. She was sent down to the River of Death to drift along the streams.

She ended up on an island in the middle of a mighty ocean. She woke up on the shores of that misty island. It was a magical island covered with black rocks that sparkled as if covered by millions of diamonds in the endless night. Sharp cliffs and huge statues painted the dark sky. The ocean was wild on its shores.

Dark Sarah felt her lungs fill up with air; she was alive after all! She felt the strength coming back to her limbs, got up and started to explore the island.

- What is this place? she wondered. She walked towards

the dark shimmery cliffs that rose up like mountains in the middle of the island. Weird colorful flowers that glowed in the dark waved slowly in the wind and fireflies twinkled in the dark. The place looks other-worldly, this is like magic, she thought.

She found a cave and entered it. There, in the back of the muddy cave, she saw a twinkling light and slowly walked towards it. She peeped through a small hole and saw little men dancing wildly around the fire. They were carving a statue; a statue with her name on it.

She started to search for a way out, but every the time she thought she had found the way out it was a dead end. She had entered a labyrinth. She needed to get out! She needed to get some air and know why she had ended on the island.

Suddenly she noticed a little bird flying in the back of the dark cave. She followed it and found a little gate that was the way out of the caves.

Dark Sarah felt relieved she had got out of the muddy cave. She looked around her. The whole island seemed to be covered with statues and small fires surrounding them. Dark Sarah wondered why, and why was her name on one of them? She sat on a rock.

Then she saw something moving in the shadows. It was a little old man in an old cloak, carrying a crooked wooden stick. He came to Dark Sarah and told her that she was in The Underworld. The Misty Island was the land of the dead. The statues were carved for all the lost souls after they had joined the army of the ghosts.

Dark Sarah couldn´t believe any of his stories. She told him that she was not dead yet.

The man told her that she had been given one more chance and she could redeem her life by solving the puzzle that was presented to her. She would need to find three keys by correctly answering three questions. Finding the keys would be

the only way to get out of the loop she was currently in. But if she would fail the task, she would be joining the ghosts in their never-ending march.

Then the old man lifted his wooden stick towards the dark sky and posed the first question:

- Who holds the key of Love in her hands?

After the question, the old man just vanished. Dark Sarah was left alone and anger started to well up inside her. She pushed her statue into the fire:

- I am not dead yet! she shouted out and her voice echoed in the hollow cliffs.

Suddenly the earth started to shake. A volcano was steaming on the highest cliff, it was about to erupt.

Dark Sarah started running away from the lava streams that kept on reaching her. She got higher on the island and found a place to stay, safe from the volcano. A huge ash cloud rose to the sky and it started to rain down.

It rained ashes for several days and it looked like snow as it covered the large grove in the middle of the island. Dark Sarah stood on a high cliff and stared down at the ocean. All she could see was the vast wavy ocean; there was no land to be seen anywhere. There was only her island in the middle of complete nothingness.

She sat down on a rock and tried to remember what had happened and what the old man had told her. She heard a bird singing.

- Isn’t it weird that there are birds on this dead island? she wondered. Dark Sarah took out her flute and started to imitate the bird that came closer, curious to see its rival. She looked at the bird more closely and realized the bird had a key in its beak. A key! She jumped up and tried to catch the bird but it flew away.

- I need to find that bird again, she thought. She ran after the bird and followed it into a field that was covered with lovely

fluffy white flowers.

Where had the bird gone? She did not see it anywhere! She ran out of breath and lay down in the field. The flowers around her were swaying and she almost fell asleep. Through her dream she heard gentle voices singing. It sounded like a choir.

She opened her eyes and saw that is was the flowers that were singing: “Sarah is the key - it is Sarah´s misery!” She listened to them, they were singing about Sarah. Dark Sarah thought that Sarah really was miserable, mostly because of her unlucky relationships.

Then it came to her.

- The answer to the first question is Fate! Fate holds the key of love in her hands! Sarah´s fate was her misery in love! The tiny bird flew towards her and landed on her finger, holding a bronze key in its beak. Dark Sarah had solved the first puzzle.

Now she was more determined to find the other keys as well; it really was possible to get away from the island!

She went back into the caves, and walked deeper and deeper into the labyrinth. Finally she entered a large cave which looked like a hall. It was sparkling from the colorful crystals and jewels on its walls, that were reflected in the clear water surface of a lake on the bottom of the cave.

Dark Sarah just watched this beautiful sight mesmerized. Then she realized that in the middle of the lake, there was a huge dragon sleeping on the rocks. It was covered with shiny sapphire blue scales and had a silvery chain hanging down its neck. A chain with a key!

Dark Sarah decided to go and get it, but silently, without waking up Dragon. She swam towards the rock where Dragon was sleeping. She got out of the water and very slowly, without making a single sound, got closer. Dragon was sleeping, Dark Sarah herd him breathing heavily. She carefully removed the key from the

chain and returned to the water.

But she didn´t notice Dragon was awake and watching her. As soon as her feet touched the water, she felt something grabbing her legs and it forcefully started to pull her under water. Black creatures with sapphire blue eyes and sharp teeth dragged her deeper and deeper under water. She tried to escape, but their grip was too tight.

They approached something that looked like an underwater city, a drowned city. The city was surrounded by seaweeds that waved along with the currents. The black creatures took her through the city and into a castle where the blue dragon was already waiting for them.

- Well, well, well, said Dragon. What do we have here? A thief, with thoughts of no good? Come on girl, let´s see what you are made of, can you beat me?

Dragon jumped up and landed in front of Dark Sarah, grinned at her and waved to the musicians as a sign to start playing music. Dark Sarah looked surprised, and before she even understood what was happening, she was dragged around the hall like a rag doll in a wild dance. Dragon laughed.

- This is how we treat guests who are trying to cheat! Then it posed her a question.

- Tell me, what power is greater than death?

Dark Sarah knew it was the second key question, but she had no idea what the answer was. She begged Dragon to hand her the key but Dragon laughed again, now in a mocking way.

In the echoes of its laughter, the black creatures took her back up to the sparkling cave. She was all wet and freezing and she started to walk back up feeling very down.

Dark Sarah walked through the Field of Ashes thinking about the dead souls she had heard whispering and moaning every night. She didn´t want to join them for eternity on that miserable island. Then she thought of the past and the events

that had led to the situation she was now in. She remembered the Silver Tree and Sarah.

- How is it even possible, that I have been separated from my good self Sarah? Why aren´t we both here, on the island, in our last resting place? Dark Sarah wondered.

She realized she had walked up to the highest point of the island. She felt the strong winds blowing in from the wide ocean. She watched the enormous waves and started feeling sad.

- What is happening to me? she wondered. For the first time, she felt weak.

Then she understood why she was on the island instead of Sarah. She had given her soul to the Evil Tree; the soul that belonged to both of them but Sarah had the power of love in her.

- Love is stronger than death! Dark Sarah shouted. She knew she had solved the second part of the puzzle.

She saw a sapphire blue snake crawling up next to he feet. It had a silvery key in its mouth.

- Dragon gave the key after all, Dark Sarah smiled. She took the key and put it on the chain next to the first one. Only one key was still missing, she wanted so badly to find it. For days she searched for the last key. She went through the Valley of Death and searched the deepest dungeons of the mountain but there was no sign of it.

One day she once again stood on the highest point of the island and listened to the wind that was howling like a pack of wolves in the hollow cliffs on the shore. The mist started to swirl around the statues. Dark Sarah stared at it without moving, she had a bad feeling about what was happening there.

The mist started to take shapes of people! It swirled and swirled until there was so many of them that is looked like an army of ghosts. They started to march up the hill towards her.

- No, no! I´m not ready! she shouted, but the ghost army kept approaching her. She had no place to fly to from the edge

of the cliff. She was trapped and the ghosts would easily get her from there. She had no choice but to jump into the ocean that was raging below.

She took a leap over the cliff and plunged into the ocean. The raging whirlpool took her in and she let it take her. For a moment she thought her time had come. Suddenly the whirlpool let go of its grip and she felt herself sinking into the dark water. It was beautiful, like a dark cradle. She was ready for her watery tomb and closed her eyes.

- I give up, she thought.

At the same moment Dark Sarah felt strong hands around her waist that were pulling her into the depths. It was a beautiful mermaid who smiled at her and she thought she had come to save her. But the mermaid said that Dark Sarah was an intruder and that she needed to show Dark Sarah to the Eye of the Sea and be tested before letting her go.

Dark Sarah saw a wildly moving mighty Eye glaring at her in the depths and she started to fight back the mermaid, she didn´t want to meet the Eye.

The mermaid got furious and started to transform, her beauty disappeared and she took a shape of a beast with sharp teeth and wild eyes and she screamed furiously. It took a really strong grip of Dark Sarah with her sharp nails and created an air bubble around her for a cage. The creature pushed the bubble forward underneath the water surface and then just swam away without saying a word.

There, lying in the bubble feeling beaten and trapped, Dark Sarah saw the moon shining through the water. Suddenly, words started forming on the glass-like walls of the bubble, they were glowing in the moonlight. Dark Sarah knew it was the last puzzle, the last key question!

The words formed a sentence:

“Who walks with fate on a rope?”

Dark Sarah thought and thought, she utterly pushed herself towards finding the answer. And then, when the moon hid behind the clouds for a moment and it became all dark, so dark that Dark Sarah needed to touch her own face to know she was still there, she got it.

- Sarah!

She jumped up and the bubble broke. She started to swim up towards the moonlight. There, in the middle of the night’s ocean, floating on the sea’s currents, she shouted out to the sky, as if trying to find Sarah:

- Sarah, in the end, everyone´s fate is death! That is the final fate! Sarah, you must meet your death!

A ferryman wearing a white cloak, on a white boat, approached her out of the darkness, and it started to rain. She got on the boat and was intrigued by how the beautiful golden raindrops looked like radiant lights in the darkest of the nights.

As she was watching the sky, she saw a bright light and heard Fate talking to her. Fate gave her a golden key and told her that she had solved the last puzzle. From here on Dark Sarah should follow the light inside her in order to find her way back home.

The ferry moved towards the horizon. She waited there in the darkness for some sign or something that would take her back home. Then she heard wind whistling high in the dark starry sky. Two large iron-made eagles flew towards her. They seized her by the shoulders and flew away. She was on her way home.

The Golden Moth

The iron eagles flew across the morning sky upon a deserted waste land. Dark Sarah was exhausted from the long journey, she was almost asleep. She felt the hot air against her face and the sun burned her skin. Her lips tasted salty. She opened her eyes a little. The world below didn´t look familiar at all.

- Where am I now? she wondered. She leaned forward and tried to speak to the eagles but their eyes were empty and they looked like machines.

When leaning forward she spotted a blue viper around the other eagle´s foot. The snake looked much like the one that had handled her the silvery key in The Underworld. She touched her pouch to make sure she still had the keys safe with her and was relieved they were all safe.

She looked at the world around her. There was only sand,

mountains as far as she could see. Somewhere very far away she saw something that was rising above the clouds. Dark Sarah thought it looked like a rocky island and white castles that were glimmering in the stinging heat of the sun and boats floating in the clouds like in a heavenly harbor.

- What is this place? she thought.

The iron eagles dropped her in the sand, in the middle of nothing surrounded by miles of desert.

She knew she would need to find a place to hide from the scorching sun, she had no water and she would waste away in few hours in the heat. She saw a big dune and thought she might camp there in the shade.

She started to walk but the sand kept on running under her feet and made moving really hard. She lifted her eyes towards the big dune and then she saw a man that was standing on the dune. His clothes waved in the wind and his face was hidden in his cloak.

He started to walk towards her. Then Dark Sarah recognized him - it was Dragon.

- Why are you following me? she asked him. Was Dragon after her because of the key? She had no intention of giving it back without a fight. She needed the key. She needed them all, to get back home.

She moved her hands to the weapons she was carrying with her, she was ready for his attack. Dragon kept on coming closer and suddenly he was standing behind her.

Sarah attacked him fiercely. For a moment it looked like Dark Sarah was on to him but then Dragon took her weapon and threw her in the sand.

- I am not here to fight, I need you and you need me. No one survives in this world alone. This is a world where the gods rule and no one lives without their permission. Believe me Sarah, there was a time when this world was mine too. I can help you,

Dragon said. Dark Sarah turned to him.

- I know there must be something you want from me. But I accept your offer.

They stood there for a while watching each other. Dark Sarah felt weird. Dragon looked at her.

- She really has the spirit in her, and she has a mysterious dark soul, Dragon thought. From now on, they would be a strange team of two enemies, bound together by fate.

They walked side by side, Dragon leading the way. The night in the desert was cold and in the darkness they made a campfire. Dark Sarah was freezing and shivered with cold. Dragon offered her a place next to him under his cloak. Dark Sarah refused first but then she let Dragon open his cloak and she leaned against him. In the warmth of his body Dark Sarah fell asleep.

While Dark Sarah was sleeping Dragon looked at her. She looked so innocent. He saw the pouch on her hips and his eyes started gleaming.

- It would be so easy to take the key now and leave her here, he thought. He would need the key himself anyway, there was no possibility to use it for both. It was either him or her. For some reason he did not act then. He did not take the key and leave Dark Sarah for an evident death.

The morning came, Dark Sarah stood on a high hill and watched the world that opened before her.

-What is this place? she asked.

-We´re in the Upper World, Dragon answered. - This is the world of gods, he said and looked down to the ground and prepared to leave.

-Do you really know the way to the gods? Sarah asked.

-Yes, it used to be my home, he answered. He started to walk away and Dark Sarah ran after him.

But then they saw two men on a high cliff, they looked

like pirates. Dark Sarah and Dragon were ready for their attack but then, just like they had appeared from nowhere, they vanished.

-Where did they go? Dark Sarah asked.

- They are ghosts, they are the guardians of the air ships that are hidden in the desert. They live in the desert camps. We must be careful, you are not welcome here. Mortals should not walk on this ground. Let´s go, Dragon said and looked worried. He knew that they were now emerged and they would need to have a lot of luck to pull this off without getting caught right at that moment.

They decided to travel only when it was dark. They found a cave and spent the day there. Hours went by really slowly and Dark Sarah and Dragon tried to sleep.

- You know, Dragon? Dark Sarah started.

- Yes? Dragon mumbled in his sleep.

- .. did I ever tell you why I´m here? Sent on this journey and why I came to the Underworld and now here?

- No, Dragon answered and hoped she would let him sleep.

Dark Sarah told Dragon that she used to walk on the light side of the world, but had turned into dark after the events that had broken her trust in people. She told him how she had given her soul to the evil to get a power of being cold and how she had been separated from her good self and how they were not one after that. Then she told him how she had ended floating along the streams of the river of death and ended up in the underworld, Dragon’s kingdom.

- I need to get back and find my other half that was separated of me. She needs to go. We can´t live in the same body. I still feel her sometimes and I hate her feelings, they make me weak, Dark Sarah said.

- There is light even in the darkest places. One cannot

exist without the other, said Dragon and blew steam rings out of his mouth.

- You said you once lived here? Dark Sarah asked and moved to sit on the entrance of the cave. The sky was getting darker, only a few moments and the earth would swallow the sun. Dragon moved to sit next to her.

- You know, I once had wings and sat next to the gods here in the Upper World. But I didn´t quite fit in here, I enjoyed too much of the earthly things and sinned. I enjoyed making my life fun, I ignored the rules and made my own. As a punishment they took my wings. They were so beautiful, black and shiny. They cut them off so I could not fly back to their kingdom. So I travelled a long way and found the darkest place in the edge of the world and made it my home. But now I´m here again and I will get one more chance to get my wings back, Dragon said and sounded sad.

- We will get your wings back. And I will get back home, Dark Sarah tried to comfort Dragon. She was now more certain that Dragons intentions were only good and he was not after the key at all. He just wanted to get his wings back. In the safety of the darkness, Dark Sarah and Dragon left the cave and headed towards the desert.

- I know a place where the ghost people have hidden some deserted cars, Dragon whispered.

They found a car hidden under a cloth in the desert. Dragon lifted the cloth, the car looked strange. There were no windows or a roof. It looked like a skeleton of a car. They got in the car and put on goggles to prevent the sand getting in their eyes.

They laughed at each other for looking so funny in them. Dragon started the car and they speeded away. Dark Sarah felt the air in her hair, she felt free and victorious. She was happy. She stood up from her bench and opened her arms to the warm night wind. Dragon looked at her and smiled.

They were getting closer to a camp of the desert people. Dragon knew that there were air ships hidden in the sand. And now they would steal one! They left the car and headed towards the camp by foot. They lurked in the shadows and waited for the right moment. There were fires around the camp and guards were standing on the borders watching the surrounding darkness.

Dark Sarah and Dragon snuck into the camp and hid themselves in the curtains of a tent. A guard walked by really close and suddenly turned to look at the place where they were hiding just like he had seen or heard something. Dark Sarah held her breath, the guard came closer but then someone shouted and the man ran away.

- Do you think they´ve seen us? Dark Sarah asked.

- No, but they will hear us if you keep on talking, Dragon hissed between his teeth.

-It´s you who keeps on talking here, Dark Sarah sassed.

- Come on Sarah, now it´s time, Dragon whispered annoyed.

They ran across the camp by moving only in the shades. Dragon showed a way. In between the tents there was a door on the ground, Dragon opened it and jumped in. Dark Sarah followed him but forgot to close the door after her. Two guards saw it and followed.

The stairs led deeper into a tunnel that was lit by small lanterns. The tunnel turned into a big hall. Dark Sarah was amazed, there were dozens of wooden air ships in rows, tied with ropes. She stood there amazed and didn´t see Dragon already had started to untie one of them.

Dragon was suddenly feeling a bit dark, the key seemed to be calling more and more every day. He knew that eventually he would need to take it from Dark Sarah.

But when, when was the right time to reveal his true intention? The key was part of his Time Turner watch. He needed

it back to be able to turn time backwards to the time when he still had his wings. He could use the Time Turner only once.

Then Dark Sarah ran for help and he needed to push back his dark thoughts. Without a word they both boarded the ship.

At the same moment the desert people entered the hall shouting and tried to grab the ropes and board the ship. Dark Sarah and Dragon fought back and both tried to push as many of the ghosts off the ship as they could.

But then luckily the ship twitched strongly forward and the few ghosts that were still hanging on the loose ropes fell off. Dark Sarah and Dragon were victorious. They were free! They had managed to steel an airship!

They heard the army shouting below, the ghosts had noticed Dark Sarah – a mortal in the world of gods. Dragon knew it was a bad sign or on the other hand, a good sign.

They steered the ship out of the hall and headed towards the beautiful sunrise. The ship moved like a storm through the clouds. Dark Sarah and Dragon shouted with excitement, they were both closer to the gods now and closer to finding the solution. They stood there together watching the opening sky before them.

- You know Sarah. So many of my few smiles begin with you, you really are one of a kind, Dragon said suddenly.

- And you Dragon, I love how you´re so dark, Sarah continued.

-Dark are our hearts, they said like from one mouth and smiled at each other.

- It almost feels that we have met before, Dark Sarah continued.

- Indeed. Somewhere, some other time. When we were different, Dragon said.

Then they stood there silently watching the sky like waiting for something to happen.

Dark Sarah was in a good mood, she enjoyed the scenes and was excited about meeting the gods. She would finally get back home, she had really walked through the darkness and into the light like Fate had guided her to do. Actually here she was sailing on an airship towards the sun with the Darkness himself. Dark Sarah smiled on her own, the whole journey felt so weird but certainly she had learned.

But Dragon started to sink again into his dark thoughts. He sat on the floor in the middle of the ship and looked grumpy. Dark Sarah tried to cheer him up by teasing him and jumping on the railing. Bit by bit he started to loosen up and watched Dark Sarah´s joy in amazement and couldn´t help but feeling lighter again. But the battle he went through inside of his mind was intense.

The wind seemed to be getting stronger and it started to rock the airship. Dark Sarah noticed a huge sandstorm that was evolving ahead. It was so immense that it already reached the clouds.

In front of the sandstorm she saw something golden and glimmering that was approaching faster than the storm. When it reached their airship Dark Sarah saw they were moths. Thousands of golden moths surrounded them, they were trying to fly away from the storm.

- So beautiful, Dark Sarah thought. Then she saw two shiny figures in the horizon.

-The gods! The gods, they are arriving! she shouted to Dragon.

- We made it! We´re here. But why are they armed? It actually looks like we´re not welcome here after all? she asked Dragon.

But Dragon looked away, he knew what was about to come. Dark Sarah looked scared and confused, she had not seen this coming.

The gods boarded the ship and it was clear that it wasn´t a happy encountering with Dragon or her. They started to point their spears at them and ask questions. They asked Dragon why he had brought a mortal to their kingdom and he himself was not welcome there either, not anymore.

Dark Sarah tried to convince them that she was only a by-passer and needed their help to get back to the Middle World. But the gods violently captured Dark Sarah and said she needed to die.

Dragon tried to talk her out but nothing convinced the gods. They started to drag Dark Sarah away. Dark Sarah fought back. Her journey couldn´t end like this.

Then Dragon spotted Dark Sarah´s pouch.

- Now or never, he thought and his eyes started gleaming again. He quickly leaned over Dark Sarah and for a moment Dark Sarah thought he would try to help her but instead he ripped the pouch with keys from her hips.

Dark Sarah´s heart stopped, she looked disappointed at Dragon, begging him with her eyes, but he looked away. A betrayal! Dragon had lied to her, she could not breathe. She was so furious and sad at the same time that tears started rolling down from her eyes. All this time Dragon had fooled her, how could he. They were a team, bound together by fate!

- You promised! She shouted at Dragon. - You promised! In my death there will be more kindness than in you! Dark Sarah shouted in agony as the white spears pierced her chest.

- I have no kindness in me, Dragon stated laconically.

He didn´t look back, he only looked at his Time Turner and the key he held in his hands. There it was, he was holding his past, present and future in his hands. Here he could change it all for himself.

For a moment he heard Dark Sarah gasping for air and then only silence. He could not bear it anymore and turned the

watch with the key.

It was all silent and dark. Dark Sarah opened her eyes, she was in the middle of darkness. She felt no pain but the coldness was gripping.

- Hi, is it you? someone whispered.

- I´m cold, I know I have to go, Dark Sarah answered. Now she knew. It was Sarah who was speaking to her. In the moment of her death Sarah had reached her mind and was speaking to her.

- Where have you been? Dark Sarah asked.

- I´ve been alone. There´s so much darkness, I thought you were gone, the voice answered.

- Is it really you Sarah? My time has come. I have to go, Dark Sarah whispered and closed her eyes.

Then slowly like a ghost the moth flies from the innermost
into the blackest and flees from its host.
Where has it gone?
It flew towards the sun when it was the coldest
And behold
it was the most golden moth
Time ever has done.